Wayne Shirey

Wayne grew up singing with his dad and sister. He also sang with one of his brothers in a quartet in his younger years. Music is something that Wayne grew up in. He does most of the bus driving for the group. Wayne cherishes Southern Gospel music and counts  it a blessing to get to travel with his family to sing it full-time.

Name: Wayne Glennis Shirey

Nickname: Dad, Daddio

Date of Birth: October 7

Place of Birth: Lexington, SC

Siblings: Margie, Aaron, Jerry, & Nathan

Spouse: Darlene Shirey

Children: Victoria, Aaron (son-in-law), Rachael, Zach (son-in-law),

Chris,  Jenny (daughter-in-law)

Grandchildren: Jude, Joshua, James, Kason, & Norah

Do you have any other talents? Play Guitar, Wrote one song, &

Acted in plays


Phrase: "Unbelievable", "What?"

Color: Red

Accessory: Red pen

Drink: Sweet Tea

Type of Food: Country Cooking

Dessert: Mama's Banana Cake

Bible Verse: Ephesians 4:1

Male Singer: Jake Hess

Female Singer: Vestal Goodman

Musician: Gordon Mote

Group: Cathedrals Quartet

Childhood Memory: Spending Christmas at my Grandma's house

If you could meet one person from the past or present, who would

it be and why?  I'd love to have met Billy Graham.  He always stayed

true and real, no matter what.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the road?

Forgetting my words in the middle of a song.

hat has been your most exciting moment on the road?  Traveling

with my family is pretty exciting and interesting haha.

What has been your most rewarding moment on the road?  We had

a service in NC where 25 people got saved!  That was so rewarding!

🎵 2023 ALQC Lifetime Achievement Award

🎵 2015 Beacon Award Nominee for Favorite Male Vocalist

🎵 2013 Beacon Award Winner for Favorite Male Vocalist

🎵 2012 Beacon Award Nominee for  Favorite Male Vocalist

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