Darlene Shirey

Darlene was raised singing and playing the organ in tent revivals with her late mother, Mamie Clark. Her mother was an evangelist, so  Darlene was on the road with her family at a very early age. When you hear Darlene sing, it definitely takes you back to a Campmeeting feel. She has a powerhouse voice and an anointing that will make it hard for you to stay in your seat.

Name: Lillian Darlene Clark Shirey

Nickname: Darla, Mama D, Ma, Spaz, Mom

Date of Birth: October 27

Place of Birth: Orangeburg, SC

Siblings: Kenny, Dora Ann, Donnie, & Danny

Spouse: Wayne Shirey

Children: Victoria, Aaron (son-in-law), Rachael, Zach (son-in-law), Chris, Jenny (daughter-in law)

Grandchildren: Jude, Joshua, James, Kason, & Norah

Do you have any other talents?

Play Piano, Play Organ, Songwriter, Concert Promoter, & Former Radio DJ


Phrase: "Tell me not!", "What'd you say?"

Color: Red

Accessory: Shoes

Drink: Diet Pepsi

Type of Food: Italian

Dessert: Chocolate (anything)

Bible Verse: Phillipians 4:13

Male Singer: Joseph Habedank, Jason Crabb

Female Singer: Taranda Greene, Dottie Rambo, Debra Talley

Musicians: Sonya Isaacs

Groups: The Isaacs

Childhood Memory: Traveling in revivals with my mom, watching miracles take place, singing, and playing the organ constantly

If you could meet one person from the past or present, who would  it be and why?

ELVIS! I've always wanted to sing Gospel songs around the piano with him and talk about the Lord.

What has been your most embarrassing moment on the road?

We  were singing at a Homecoming, and as I went to walk down the  stairs, off the stage, I tripped on the monitor cord. I fell off the  stage and landed on my hands and knees in front of the pastor's wife and mother! The girls were laughing so hard, and when the church found out I was okay, they had a nice laugh as well.

What has been your  most rewarding moment on the road?

Of course, seeing souls saved and watching my children use their talents for the Lord as young people are saved and blessed and want to be like them. People being set free from bondage and being healed is so rewarding to see.  It's great to see the alters filled.

🎵 2015 Beacon Award Nominee for Favorite Female Vocalist

🎵 2013 Beacon Award Nominee for Favorite Female Vocalist

🎵 2012 Beacon Award Nominee for  Favorite Female Vocalist

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