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1/29/18    -   Wayne   and   Darlene   welcome   Grandbaby   #4,   James Joseph   Taylor   to   the   family!   Their   son,   Chris   and   Daughter-in- law,   Jenny   are   thrilled   to   have   another   addition   to   their   family, James   making   their   third   little   boy.   Mommy   and   Baby   are   doing great! 10/30/17    -   The   Shireys   are   continuing   to   take   bold   steps   that   will impact    the    world    of    Southern    Gospel    music.        In    the    coming days,    Wayne    and    Darlene    Shirey,    along    with    their    daughter Rachel    Shirey    Flowers    will    travel    to    North    Carolina    to    begin recording new music. 9/28/17    -   The   Shireys   were   honored   to   be   chosen   from   the   Artist Showcase,   held   at   the   National   Quartet   Convention   in   Pigeon Forge,   TN   on   Thursday,   September   28,   2017   to   appear   on   the Main Stage.

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